Mercy set to open Bayfield clinic

Mercy Medical Center is continuing construction on its Bayfield clinic and is set to be open three days a week.

"We're excited about the opportunity to be here," said Will McConnell, a representative from Mercy and its parent corporation, Centura Health.

McConnell and several...



Water supply concerns dominate regional seminar

With continuing population growth in Southwestern states and ongoing drought, water issues are becoming more and more about who has to cut back their...

Durango Water supply concerns dominate regional seminar
 Colorado 380x230

The Pine River flows into the San Juan River, then the Colorado River. Flows were high on Wednesday as the Pine River Irrigation District released water into the river to improve irrigation for local ...


  • Use marijuana tax money to fund statewide education

    I'm curious as to how the State of Colorado reconciles recent school funding cuts with the also-recent increase in revenues from the legalization of marijuana.

     According to a recent CBS news story, the state received over $2 million in marijuana tax revenues in January 2014 alone.  Around $195,000 of that is earmarked for public school...
  • Times doesn't divide community

    Really Brad Devader? Melanie Mazur is divisive? (Times, March 21, 2014)

    I would hardly call Melanie divisive. She and Carole bring us the local news every week. Mel prints two columnists in the paper and almost every letter to the editor she receives. I don't agree with the columnists every week, but I read them. Mel also volunteers her...
  • Americans with guns are more responsible than government

    Do you believe the American government wants its citizens to own guns?

    How about the United Nations, do they want the American people armed?

    The government and the national media are always trying to divide the American people.

    Here's just one example:

    "We are told NOT to judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a...

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