Street group making pitch to Bayfield voters

Pay a little now, and share the cost with county residents, or pay a lot more later with hikes in fees and property taxes.

That's the message from Support our Streets, a citizens group supporting a one-cent increase in Bayfield's sales tax.

"I don't want to see our bills...



Water taste is result of 'turn over' in Vallecito, Bayfield reservoirs


That's been a frequent verdict on the taste of Bayfield's water for the past couple of weeks.

It's had an off taste, verging...

Durango Water taste is result of 'turn over' in Vallecito, Bayfield reservoirs
 Colorado 380x230

One look at a glass of town water says it all for Kellie Lillyquist, who owns the Tuning Fork Cafe in downtown Bayfield with her husband, Tim. The restaurant filters its water for coffee and tea.


  • Youth football raising funds for jerseys

    Hi everyone! As many of you know, Bayfield-Ignacio YAFL is overdue for some new game jerseys. We are a very small community and our businesses get hit up for donations for every sport. However, we have been approached by individuals willing to help raise money for jerseys. We need roughly 125 jerseys. Each jersey is roughly $65. Grand total...
  • Former marina operator should refund fees to Vallecito customers

    In regards to the Dolores Star article about McPhee Reservoir marina operator Stan Folsom in the Aug. 7 edition of the Times:

    I just wish Stan Folsom would give the people who gave him their hard earned money last year for slips on Vallecito Lake this year their money back. I have some very good friends who would REALLY like their money...
  • Yappy, unleashed dogs don't belong in quiet cemetery

    I would like to take a few moments to express my thoughts and feelings towards a 60ish woman and her two "corkies" (little yappy dogs) who visited our Pine River Cemetery last week. I noticed you right away as you got out of your vehicle - you opened the door and turned your dogs loose so they could run free barking at everyone near your vehicle.