Proclamation by U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the outstanding performance of the Pine River Library District in Bayfield, Colorado. For their continued excellence and service to their community, the Pine River Library District has been selected as the Best Small Library in America by the Library Journal for 2014.

The Board of Directors and entire staff have contributed to the development of a truly world-class facility that provides a diverse array of services to the Bayfield community. Pine River not only offers traditional library services, but provides patrons with laptops, GPS devices, and e-readers to check out and use. Their dedication to the community also extends to education, offering teen and youth programs, free film and documentary screenings, and community classes on a regular basis.

The library is committed to creatively engaging the public through hands-on understanding of sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly research through their Living Library program. Everyone can come to the library and learn about sustainable foods in the community garden, explore a geodesic greenhouse, or take advantage of the upcoming tool lending program that will allow patrons to start their own garden at home. It is clear that Pine River is more than a library; it is a hub for knowledge and education that offers valuable resources to the Bayfield community every day.

Mr. Speaker, it is truly an honor to recognize the passion for knowledge that the Pine River Library District represents and to congratulate them on their selection for this prestigious award. With their unique and comprehensive approach to learning, I am confident that they will continue to serve as an example to libraries worldwide.