Ignacio superintendent welcomes students back

Dear parents and students of Ignacio schools:

Welcome to a new and exciting school year. The school board and the administrative Tteam would like to officially welcome you back to Ignacio schools. Students report to school on Monday, Aug. 25.

Excitement continues all over the Ignacio School District as we keep building the new Ignacio High School to be completed summer 2015. The football field and track will be ready for our first football game this year. If you have not seen it yet, drive on top of the mesa and look down. It is very impressive. With the administration building, middle school and elementary school completed things should fall more into a routine. The new road in front of the schools will make that area much safer for years to come with sidewalks, bicycle paths and lighting. Safety is a major concern by all of us. In this light, a buzzer system will be used in the new schools. Please do not look at this as a barrier but a protection for all students.

One of our goals is to keep improving the quality of education that Ignacio's students receive and make this community even better. Improvement on our academic performance still remains a top priority for the district.

Staff will continue with professional development on early release Wednesdays to improve student engagement and develop new lesson plans.

During this year I will have high expectations from administrators, teachers, support staff, students, parents and myself. These expectations will be accomplished if all of us work together as a team.

This year we will be implementing Character Counts in the schools and community. Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship (TRRFCC) will play a major role to improve behavior, attendance and bullying.

Respect, professionalism, attitudes and responsibility are major themes that I will be reminding everyone involved in the education of our students. Respect for oneself and others; everyone will be treated in a professional and courteous manner; attitude always affects performance and take responsibility for own actions; do not place blame on the system.

As a school, we will provide a safe and inviting environment. We will provide a positive school climate so that all students can learn. Teachers and staff are committed to these beliefs.

We will expect students to come to school ready to learn. We expect them to be in school every day fully prepared, participate in extra curricular activities, support each other in those activities, and accept responsibility for their education, decisions and actions.

As parents, we would like for you to become involved in the education of your students. Establish high expectations in the quality of your student's work and be concerned about their progress.

My door will be always open to answer any questions that you might have. You are welcome to come and visit our schools and volunteer for any of the many activities during the year. This help is always appreciated.

I am looking forward to a great and successful year for all our school community in every activity. Every aspect of our school plays an important role in the total education of your student and we all need to be playing that role together as a team. Please visit our website for district information, school calendar and activity schedules: www.ignacioschools.org

Rocco Fuschetto, Ed. D.


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