McWilliams joins leftist media in disregarding constitution

It has been unfortunate over the last several months that Carole McWilliams has resorted to parroting much of what the leftist media has said with regard to what Donald Trump will do.

Now she is the great defender of the Bill of Rights. But she had no problem with Hillary Clinton vowing to nominate judges that would disregard the Constitution, specifically with regard to the freedom of speech that she suddenly holds so dear.

She had no problem with President Obama curtailing the freedom of religion. (Isn't it funny that he says he may have to speak up to defend the freedom of religion?)

Now she rails against fake news, but is HERSELF a believer in the fake news from the left. She had no problem with the Democratic Party fomenting violence against the Trump supporters and after the election, but when Trump supporters are trying to hear the speaker amid the disruptive leftists at a rally, Trump supporters are the violent ones.

If you support Trump as opposed to Clinton, you are a racist, but Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter and the University of Texas, all supporters of the leftists, cannot be racist. If you believe in traditional marriage, you are a bigot. But if you refuse to do business with someone who believes in traditional marriage, you are not a bigot.

It would be nice if someone on the left would defend their principles with honesty and integrity instead of the lies that we continue to hear.

Gary McMurtrey