Happy New Year? We can only hope

By Carole McWilliams

We're almost two months past the Nov. 8 election and counting down the days until Himself is formally installed as our new ruler.

We've seen no sign of Himself starting to act presidential, for instance, thinking through the ramifications of his pronouncements.

In his campaign, Himself suggested that the Secret Service should stop protecting Hillary Clinton, a un-subtle suggestion (along with the one about a Second Amendment solution) that one of his devotees should do something bad to her. Of course, Himself tried to deny any responsibility if that were to happen.

It's no wonder Himself admires Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. That sort of thing actually happens to his political opponents.

In fall campaign rallies, Himself proclaimed that Clinton would be in jail if he was elected, and his devotees loved it. Let's hear it for American values! Right after the election, he seemed to be walking back on that one, but his devotees still wanted to "Lock her up!" Himself didn't discourage them, as far as I know.

Given how erratic Himself has been, who knows? He changes positions weekly, if not daily.

Will America become like some banana republic, where they have an election and the winner has the loser jailed? Or in this case, the POPULAR VOTE WINNER could be jailed? Clinton won that by 2.8 million votes.

Apparently, the Clintons aren't too worried because they've announced plans to attend the Jan. 20 coronation. Be careful.

About that voter MAJORITY - they are told to get over it and move on. Imagine what Himself and his devotees would be doing if the popular and Electoral College results had been reversed. Does anyone think they'd be getting over it and moving on?

Then in December, Himself wanted names of individual federal Energy Department employees who worked on climate change issues, and then State Department employees who worked on global women's rights. Given Himself's other words and actions, those employees might have good reason to fear retribution in the coming Brave New World.

Who'll be next? Jews? Muslims? African-Americans? LGBT people? Anyone who looks or sounds "foreign"?

White supremacist and KKK types apparently hope the Brave New World will be to their liking. Hate-type incidents reportedly have increased around the country since the election.

Will Himself renounce them and their hate? Or will he encourage it while denying any responsibility?

Has there been any other president-elect in modern times where we had to hope his handlers could control his mental instability and loose mouth/ Twitter finger? So sad .

I have to hope that there are enough members of Congress, on both sides of the aisle, who actually have their first loyalty to the country, the Constitution and the rule of law; and that they will provide the checks and balances to keep Himself's erratic dictatorial tendencies in check.

But I'm facing 2017 with a sense of dread and impending doom for our country.

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