President's tweet storms continue; evidence lacking

By Carole McWilliams

Our so-called president was apparently feeling the need for a diversion last Saturday from the on-going drip-drip of news about his people's pre or post-election contacts with Vladimir Putin's people.

The most recent of those was the revelation last week that Himself's now approved U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions neglected to tell the WHOLE truth during his Senate confirmation hearing about his contacts with the Russian ambassador last summer, while he was involved with the Trump campaign.

That's on top of Himself's Secretary of State who had long-time Russian connections as CEO of Exxon-Mobile, his national security advisor who had to resign over post-election Russian contacts, and resignation of one of Himself's campaign advisors in spring 2016.

Not to mention all the times Himself has expressed admiration for dictator Putin and his inviting Russia last summer to hack his opponent's e-mails.

So last Saturday we got one of Himself's early morning tweet storms proclaiming (with zero actual evidence) that former President Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped during the election campaign.

Claims on Breitbart or right-wing talk radio aren't evidence, so this inflammatory charge raised a lot of eyebrows.

His Awesomeness wants investigations. My thought is let him show some evidence that it actually happened before anyone bothers investigating it. Just like his still undocumented claim that he LOST the national popular vote only because of 3 million illegal votes.

On Monday Himself dissed FBI Director James Comey after Comey asked the Justice Department to verify that there was no wire tapping. The Justice Department apparently didn't respond. That would be the same Justice Department that's now headed by someone whose campaign contacts with Russia are in question - the thing that Himself was trying to divert attention from.

There was another diversion Monday morning. A White House deputy counselor, which I assume means lawyer, presented a letter saying that "many regulations promulgated by the Office of Government Ethics do not apply to employees of the Executive Office of the President," according to National Public Radio.

That's a lot of people. It's muddled by regulations that refer to "agencies," and then what constitutes an agency.

Given everything that's happened since Himself's coronation on Jan. 20, I'm thinking it would be simpler to declare the Executive Office to be an ethics-free zone.

Don't worry about all those silly conflicts of interest. That's just a plot to de-legitimize Himself's presidency.

Is this an appropriate time to mention that we the taxpayers are paying for Secret Service protection for Himself's grown sons as they travel around the world tending to the Trump Empire's private business interests? NPR cites a Washington Post report that a trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830 just on hotel bills.

But back to the Russia issue. I'm expecting that as the Trumpocalypse goes on, His Awesomeness will have to come up with more Twitter diversions, and I'm sure he will, because the Russia thing isn't going away, and all these other things keep piling up.

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