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Final summer block party is tonight

The third and final Bayfield downtown block party of the summer will be from 6 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 25, on Mill Street.

The town...

Durango Final summer block party is tonight Colorado 380x230

Bayfield's Block Party in July.


  • Bank doesn't treat community well

    As a longtime resident and patron of our local bank, Pine River Valley Bank as I know it, or whatever else they want to call it now, Community Banks of Colorado, I feel it a necessity to tell you how they view a community.

    My parents, Butch and Patty Prior, have cleaned that bank for 35-plus years, all the way back to when the now...
  • ColoradoCare provides better coverage

    We have an important healthcare initiative on the ballot in November.

    Amendment 69, aka ColoradoCare, guarantees healthcare to all residents of Colorado. The highlights of ColoradoCare are that you choose your doctor, there are no deductibles, there are no co-pays for primary care, and co-pays for specialty care can be waived in cases...
  • Bayfield Lions Club thanks community for supporting calendars

    Due to fewer sales and increased costs, the Bayfield Lions Club opted out of calendar sales for this year.

    The man hours required in four months of preparation at a net loss to the club has been a concern for some time.

    We are here to serve the community, and a failing project does not allow us to do so.

    We thank you...